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By joining the Heart of England Way Association, you will be helping to protect this wonderful asset.  You can even join in on initiatives and activities that take place to improve the Way.  Get a flavour of our activities in the past here.  


A Heart Of England Way Association membership enables you to join our walks each time for free.  


Receive occasional newsletter ("Footnotes") and support the work of the Association (see examples below).


We work to protect and maintain 126 miles of recreational walking routes, develop new initiatives and defend the rights of walkers.   


HOEWA Membership Application Form
Application form for annual membership of the Heart Of England Way Association - membership covers a calendar year.
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.... Membership includes:

the walks programme (when available), led by members and visitors are always welcome.  If you would like information about any of the walks, or would like to check on the suitability for yourself, then please contact the specific Walk’s Leader or the Walks Secretary.


The programme is devised around a simple Sunday and Wednesday concept, with normally two walks a month as shown.  Most walks are within close proximity of the main route of Heart of England Way or the Arden Way — the two routes we manage and promote.


Our normal walks are usually between five and six miles — we do cater for longer distance enthusiasts with our Long Distance Walks - contact Brian at .


Stout footwear and practical clothing should be worn taking into account the terrain and the weather!  Walks Leaders are all volunteers from the Associations membership.  If you would like to lead a walk then please contact Dave at .  Please try and share transport for a walk as parking may be at a premium.  


..... and occasional Footnotes

In the past, we have produced a newsletter and articles from and for members, detailing the Association's activities.  'Footnotes' has writeups from walks short and long, news about the way, photographs and articles by members.


Below are just some of the articles published in the last few years.

The new recruit


As we all know, members of HoEWA are a special breed, we enjoy walking in all weathers (don't we Erica?) and welcome new members with open arms and try not to lose them before the end of the walk. Those of you that know the route of the 'way' will know that in one place there are two alternate routes.... any guesses ? No ? well it happens to be between Baddesley Clinton, that esteemed NT property near Solihull and the village of Lowsonford.


Collette and I had lunch at the Fleur de Lys in Lowsonford one Thursday - excellent beer, food and service if anyone is interested - and then went for a stroll along the canal. On reaching the second lock, just before the southern road bridge in the village, we came across our new recruit. He wasn't very talkative - I think he ws a 'he' anyway - and was spending far too much time staring at the canal waiting for the next barge to enter the lock. We wished him good afternoon and strolled on. On our way back we tried to interest him in one of our next walks, but he seemd to indicate that a Mr Gormley was going to take him away before the end of May, so he might not be able to join us. Shame, he would have fitted in well, about as tall as Stephen Cross, but weighing in about 10 times Stephen's weight. On reflection he would have probably sunk in the first bog we encountered so maybe it was best to leave him outside his 'tunnel' cottage until Anthony Gormley takes him away


Dave Higgins.

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